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Interesting already that international airlines are looking at WSI because without a curfew they can schedule much more efficiently. As an end of line aviation route, Sydney is an expensive destination if you can't rapidly turn around and get out again. The curfew at KS has made it difficult, and Australia has wagged the dog of scheduling to fit flights in. I guess the several billion dollar question is, does a 15-18 per cent fare reduction overcome the reluctance. I am guessing that given 2.5 million people are closer to WSI than KSA, and that parking will be relatively cheaper at KSA, that will drive demand. And with Qantas and Jeststar both proving domestic connections it might yet prove to be an attractive port for many. Not sure they need the Metro, though, it doesn't seem to connect workers to the airport, nor many customers! But Transitways could do so comprehensively for a decade. Like rail stations "in the middle of nowhere", hindsight always proves value. It is just how much hindsight will be required!

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Yes. Time will tell. $13B for the airport and $13B for the Metro. Each more expensive than Qantas.

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